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Think of this as a hypothetical question but, there again, many people could be in this situation.

Imagine that you have a nice little stash of euros and you also have a nice little stash of pounds plus an income in pounds.

As we all know, the exchange rate is at a 7-year high for the pound against the euro.

Say you wish to buy some high value stuff and I daresay that now is as good a time as any to spend some of your dosh.

You think, shall I buy in France or the UK, spend euros or pounds?

On the one hand, if you buy things priced in euros but pay for them in pounds (perhaps with a UK credit or debit card) you are pretty damn pleased that nothing is as expensive as it looks!  Say, that little runaround that only a few months ago you thought was extortionate at 15000 euros, is now only, what  a bit over 11 grand?  So perfectly good excuse to go for it.

OTOH, you hold back a bit and think, this rate cannot last.  Come the UK general election and, whoever wins, there will be uncertainty about a new government which is likely to be another coalition and the pound, at least in the short term, is going to take a dive.  And that is before any referendum whose result is more than imponderable.

So, if you had a fair few euros, would you use them to buy your new little runaround, or whatever else you fancy, or would you use your pounds if only because the present rate makes everything so tempting?

Would you spend your pounds or your euros?  How would you hedge your bets?

Well, it's just a question to bat around a bit, so no need to get too serious and no need for heated arguments either! 

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Ah mint, you have made me smile, such a scenario is sort of unimaginable to me.

When I had money some years ago, I didn't look at investing or the exchange rate, I spent it on holidays and things we needed to do, enjoyed it. Because life is not a rehearsal and I would always want good memories rather than regrets.

My mother planned on doing things when my Dad retired, how did that work out........ well, it didn't, got very ill and popped her clogs.

So I'll be the devil on your shoulder and say, go for the 11 grand thing, as opposed to 15 grand, as even though I will go for things.... I do love a bargain. Currency to use?............... no idea, flip a coin, or play, paper, stone, scissors with your hubby![:D][:D][:D] 

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No, id, wasn't talking about myself and I'd never want a little runaround as I don't find small cars at all comfortable or nice to drive.

Don't like big cars either, usually have a medium sized car but I reckon this is a great time to have my new kitchen and new dressing[:D]

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Did you mention cars? Did I?

I have little interest in cars to be honest, even though I have just said I love watching Top Gear. A car, must be simple, work when needed and economic and that is all this gal needs.

As I said, I don't worry too much about spending, if I have money, then I rarely plan to save, just to do something with it. I know that you cannot take it with you as an Aunt didn't manage too and if she could have done so, she would![Www]

Enjoy your kitchen and dressing.

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