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Re: The songs we are singing


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' Morning everybody !!     Yes, I'm an early bird today !

( I have an appointment at the garage at 8.00 .. )

Steve, did you listen to the song Twinkle very kindly posted for me ? ( yu know, the one I was looking for on you tube , but couldn't find there..)




By chance I found this other song on you tube yesterday, and I really like it, listen   

It had to be you



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Why New Mexico ?

A song by Clapton I really really really do love -----   >   The story of us ( on scenes from the film with Bruce Willis and M Pfeiffer ) 

My kinda film .. -->

It's the story of a married couple. They meet at a publishing house. He's an author. She does crosswords. They marry and have two kids with an incredible life. They break up. They spend months apart... thinking where they went wrong. She starts seeing someone else but her heart keeps beating for him. She wants him to change. We always want the other person to change. She realizes how wrong she was and takes him back. They fall in love a second time round...


Call me soppy.............


PS : I love the   " Will you marry me ?? "    tick the right answer    YUP ¤ or  ¤Nope       [:D]
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