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Evening krusty and Frenchie

Hope you had a good day, it was a liitle cold here but good. 

I did get some video today of number one son and myself riding over narrow boards in the forest but dont know how to upload it.

Do you know if the grand parc puy du fou do christmas specials, i cant find out from the site and i am sure some said they do?  i would like to take husband and son when over at christmas if i can.

Also any other ideas for outings from the 24th till the 2nd jan when we will be in France.


Thanks Judith

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Evening Judith !!

 I will look on the puy du fou site for you, and I will look for things to do while you re in the region at the festive period...

When will you be on holidays? For how long ?

Half term for us is on friday.

For Christmas we'll be off work a few days before Christmas, for two weeks..


Merry we will be  it only really start at 0' 41"

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e mail frenchie but any communication from you is always welcome

Other half wouldnt let me watch dirty dancing or Indepencence day as we had seen them before now he has gone to bed.  He fell off his bike today and hurt his knee poor darling and needs a bit of TlC  ( unfortunatley I can find the bottle)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=is2h4q4b00o  Roxie from Chicago

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Just what the doctor ordered Krusty  Thanks

Today I thought I would [url=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=iyRPfK-U0Oc]Never stop[/url]  The school I work at is being rebuilt and in a few weeks I will need to vacate my classroom for a different one so they can refirbish the building I am in at the moment.  Phase 3. Phase 2 will be given back to the science department after half term all nice and new - We get our new computer rooms early April if they can get them finished on time.  

Sorry  got off track   - today i have spent all of my legal planning time given by the goverment clemaing out the office at the back of my class room.  So I will have to conitnue Planning long into the night again as I am going to be observed Thursday morning to see if the kids i am teaching are learning anything.  Rant over.  I was very annoyed today they expect us to do all the moving and packing in our own time its not as if we have any to start with in term time.  Sorry nit quite over.

Will be listening all week keep the good work.




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