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Period covered by French Tax Return?


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We will be completing P85's to confirm our permanent move from the UK to France wef 06/04/2016.

Can't see the answer to this quickly, but can someone tell me on what date will our first French tax returns be due and what period will they cover?

Many thanks
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[quote user="frexpt"]That's brilliant thanks![/quote]

Normally you will have to go and ask for your first (blank) forms from the tax people.

After your first declaration then each year you should receive your own personnalised forms when they are issued. Unless you go paperless and declare online when you will receive an email when the declaring season opens.

If you have UK income then you will need 2042 (main blue form) and 2047 (pink worksheet, also submitted).

You might also need some others dependent on your kind of income.

Edit : EuroTrash obviously types a lot faster then me; probably thinks a lot faster too. [:)]


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Another option is to download them from the impots website when they become available (usually about April)


Also, if you find the 3916 form a bit too complicated (it is!), you can declare bank accounts on a plain sheet of paper.
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