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I'm wanting to take out a mortgage on a French property to do some refurbishment. Struggling to find any independent recommendations on good brokers to use. The one recommended by the agent that sold us the property is advertised everywhere but charges a fee up front as well as presumably taking commission from the mortgage provider, while others are offering to work with no fee. What experiences have people had with different brokers? Do you think they justify their fees, or are direct approaches to the providers the best method?
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One way or another - you'll end up paying fees - they've got you by the 'short & curlies' basically.

Most MBrokers do charge fees up-front - but that is usually after they've got some financial details about you and are able to say 'yes, we can help';  if they can't - then there's no fee.   I'd be very interested where those M Brokers - who 'charge no fee' - do finally end up receiving some money - but from where is what I'd want to know !!!

The reason for using a MB is that they DO have access to various mortgage providers - some small, some 'off the main radar' but who are willing to help smaller, niche markets.  

If you are attempting something a bit out of the ordinary, although it hurts financially, M Brokers do have access to far wider sources of funds than are available to individuals.

It's a case, like everything, pays your money and takes your choice;  M Brokers will charge you, and yes they'll get commission from 'financial house' - but if you're asking for something out of the ordinary they can be a great help.   As well as finding a mortgage provider, they'll often help you through the process, might even negotiate/haggle on your behalf with mortgage provider;  some financial institutions will only deal with a M Broker with whom they have a 'good working relationship' and don't want to become involved on an individual case by case basis - the M Broker is the intermediary - and can be very effective.

And no, I have absolutely nothing to do with any M Brokers - but having recently been through the process I can speak with 'some' experience.

Good luck - with your money hunt, and your project.

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