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Blues music.

Chris Head

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Great links Dick, thanks, prompted me to get out the Canned Heat CD's, I am boogieing (?) round doing my housework now before she who must be obeyed gets home[:D]

best regards


"play it loud enough to make your ears bleed." do your pupils know how cool you are?[8-|]

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This girl has Soul! 

Jennifer Hudson - she won 'American Idol' and is starring in her first film "Dreamgirls" based on the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes.  She robs the limelight from all the big name stars also appearing in the film.

Listen to her amazing cover of the fabulous "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going".  I had goose bumps every 20 seconds - unbelievable, I nearly cried.



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That's very nice. For my taste (and what it is worth) the present fashion amongst soul singers of putting in as many grace notes and folderols as possible really detracts from what are, underneath, very nice voices. Meshell Ndeogeocello is an example. It's is nice to hear a soul singer who doesn't do it.

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