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Getting back money transferred to a dead account


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I transferred by 'virement' a small sum of money to what I thought was my Son's UK account.

However, unbeknown to me he had recently closed that one and now has a different account.

The sum shows as debited from my French account on the 2nd November

Does anyone know if it will 'bounce' back automatically from a closed account of if there is some procedure I need to follow to get it back, and if so what is it?

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Banks can and do recycle closed account numbers to new customers...worst scenario for you.

Theoretically it should bounce back but I suspect it will have arrived at the destination bank in €'s recquiring conversion to £'s to enable its allocation to the appropriate account which, unfortunately for you, is not the appropriate account.  Whether this transaction can be automatically converted back to €'s from £'s and subsequently transferred back to your French account would, I suspect, require the intervention of a human being.

Is it possible/feasible for your son to contact his bank to explain the situation and get them to start the ball rolling, so to speak, as they will not correspond with yourself  about a 3rd parties account?  Obviously it won't be posible for the funds to be diverted to his new account from the banks quarantine account, if it is located there and not already in the account of a new customer with your son's old account numbers.

I would bet the value of your transfer if you attempt to engage your French bank in the recovery of these funds that all you will receive,at most, will be a gaelic shrug.

Anyway, good luck with it all.



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My memory of how these things work is now really hazy. 

But, for what it's worth, I seem to remember that the bank puts the money into their suspense account.  It's money they keep when they don't know whom to give it to.

Your son contacts the bank with all the details and they SHOULD give him the money.  And, no, they do not give the money to some new, unknown person.

Have you ever known the bank to GIVE you money?  Take it away maybe but certainly not give.

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It may depend on which bank it was.  One of my transactions (from own UK to own French account) didn't happen - something to do with wrong number, and the UK bank put it into their suspense account when it "bounced".  But they did not tell me, and it was only when I contacted them when it didn't arrive here that I found out.  Inevitably I lost on the transfer exchange rate - every time it was transferred. 

So suggest your son contacts the bank immediately.

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