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It seems that a few details have changed since last year, and of particular interest to me is how one enters dividend income using the online facility.

Last year, on the 2047 form, I put in the net amount received in scction 202. The form automatically filled in the 17.7% when I selected "Royaume-Uni" at the top, and then calculated, in 206, the "crédit d'impôt retenu". This amount then appeared in box 8TA, and in box 2DC appeared the total before the tax credit was removed in the UK.

This year, I went through the same process, although I had to put in the 17.7% manually. Also, now I notice the "crédit d'impôt retenu" has no box associated with it, and anyway box 8TA no longer exists on the main 2042 form. It used to be in section 8 "Divers".

So, my question is: how is the "crédit d'impôt retenu" accounted for?

Hopefully someone out there has also encountered this problem and knows the right way to deal with this!

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