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Insurance for garden equipment.


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I was talking to the local insurance agent today and, as a friend recently had a trailer stolen from outside their house, wondered if we were insured for stuff outside.

Apparently only if things are in a locked shed (proper lock, not padlock) and if things are also stolen from the house. So our ride-on mower, other mowers, garden furniture, trailers, are not covered. We have no garage and the sous-sol has a mostly sloping earth floor and a narrow door. Also is difficult to accessible from the terrace where we have furniture.

I don't think the above ground pool would be covered (by insurance!) either. We cannot secure our outside space with fencing - it's mostly steeply sloping and over 2 hectares. Also a farmer needs access to cut the hay.

Our box trailer has no carte grise, because the UK company who made it do not supply them, So I guess we should not use it. Oh dear......
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