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Simulate your taxe d'habitation 2018


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This is a tool for simulating your taxe  d'habitation for 2018

following on the new regulations which mean that about 80% of households will no longer have to pay the tax.

Please note that old exonerations, such as those for old age or low income, are something different.

this is something new brought in by the new President Macron.


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Votre économie serait de 149 € en 2018, 322 € en 2019 et 495 € en 2020.

That will do nicely sir!


Bear in mind that the figures you have now for the simulateur are 2016 figures, i know that my RFR for 2017 will not be much more and the annual increases in the taxe have been de minimus but that may not be the case for everyone.

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