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A web forum about health issues?


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Does anyone know of a good web forum where you can post a note about a health issue?

I have a daughter who has a serious recurring but undiagnosed medical condition and want to see if there are other children with the same problem. 

I know that I should do a web search but I have dashed home from hospital, where she is at the moment, and don't know where to start in the little time that I have before I go back to see her.

Any ideas anyone???

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Thanks RH and Cat.  I'm trying them all.  I have dashed home again from hospital.  She was admitted on Christmas Eve and one of us has to be with her at all times because she is so poorly.

She suffers from serious periodic vomiting, a condition whereby if she starts to be sick (this time, it was a gastric bug that started it off), her body cannot stop naturally.  She needs anti-emetic drugs but they are not working.  This is her 9th hospital admission for the same problem (kicked off by sea sickness, food poisoning, anaesthetic etc etc).  She is racked with pain - it's awful to witness.


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I've been looking at them all.  They are really interesting and I have been printing out relevant pages to read when I go back to the hospital.

What I could also do with, I think, is a Forum like this one but on health.  A Forum that has lots of traffic so that someone can point me in the right direction.  The doctors do not know which anti-emetic (anti-sickness) drug to give her this time and have been asking me for advice.  I remember reading one for airline pilots once and was wondering whether there was one for doctors, perhaps (whether I would understand it though....) ??

Thanks so much for your help.  I don't have much time when I come home ...


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From what you have said about your daughter in the past, and what you say now, I would imagine that you have already considered the possibility of her having cyclic vomiting syndrome?

Googling for forums on this subject brings up this list

EDIT, this forum looks helpful http://www.websitetoolbox.com/mb/cvsa?forum=16057

It is part of the American site here which also has a PDF detailing treatment and drugs to use during episodes of vomiting...


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Thanks Cat.  Cyclic(al) vomiting syndrome - CVS - has already been ruled out because there is always a logical reason why the vomiting starts (food poisoning, a gastric bug, anaesthetic etc).  It is probably more to do with her severe learning difficulties.  For some reason, which doctors are unable to fanthom, children (and adults) with learning difficulties can have intestinal and gastric disorders.

The leads that you have highlighted are helpful.


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Given the warmth I have felt on here in recent months, it behoves me to wish you an early successful resolution of your little one's torment. I know a little about hospital visits, having made about 90 since August, but mine were/are to an adult making visible progress. I hope they twig the problem soonest and give her her life back pronto - thus doing the same for yours. Learning difficulties are bad enough, but they can be managed, or at least worked-round - this sounds absolutely horrible.


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