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Any Old Hippies here?


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I have a few copies of OZ the iconic newspaper of the sixties.

I realise it is a tad capitalistic man but if you are having trouble heating the teepee,  need another sack of lentils or your pack of wiry companion hounds need feeding check out the cost of a copy of OZ today - £70 plus! That would nearly pay the on the spot fine for smoking weed.

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..............but it did have the requisite holes in it..........[:P]

that photo was taken last week............[Www]


I wish

Or was it this one..................[:D][:D]



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Your pictures please............. Bugsy.

Crikey Bugsy!

Pictures on  35 mm slides -  you know my IT/forum technical skills are useless- wouldn't know where to start.

Did you ever think of  poseing like your look alike Bert Reynolds ?

How about it  ?   for all the old hippy  girls...





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