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Expats flee leaving keys in cars...


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[quote user="baypond"]That my friend, is a great article ... those stats at the end are scary.[/quote]

Whilst it is true that many British Expats are leaving, the majority of redundancies are in the Asian labour community. The 1500 visa cancellations, if for Brits, is dwarfed by the asian employee visa cancellation.

The ''big car park of abandoned cars'' has been common knowledge here for months, its just a pity I am not in the market for a car from the auctions.

Due to the general collapse / cancellation / deferment of infrastructure projects (mainly hotels and up market housing + shopping malls) the price of building materials - rebar, cement etc has gone from a severe shortage a year ago to a surplus at low price now. Similarly shipping rates are down by 90% yes 90% compared with a year ago.

Having said all that, one of my Engineers from my previous job, who has now been effectively made redundant (contract will not be renewed) rang me with the comment ''where is this recession that everyone is talking about?'' He has had multiple job offers in the region, at double his existing salary. It is really the civil construction people who are being affected.

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[quote user="Anton Redman"]

Even when you have driven accross the causeway into Saudi Arabia it is neither a cheap or easy drive back to the UK. Also unless you have 'Friends in Low Places' to quote Simon Raven it is very easy to spend too much on cars in that part of the World.


A small point Anton, the article was about Dubai, the causeway to Saudi is from Bahrein.

The majority of cars in the UAE are about half the UK price. My last purchase was an Isuzu trooper LWB, full spec (better spec than UK) and was c.11000 GBP when the UK price was 23k +. Present top spec Kia Sportage V6 petrol c.16000GBP UK price ???????

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