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Terrorists' human rights?


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This article made me boil as it is totally ignorant. One of the conditions of asylum is that the grantee will not indulge in political activity, but the author seems to forget that. Frankly, the detainee should have been put on the plane to Jordan years ago and the same for his friends. He is, after all a convicetd terrorist in Jordan.


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And he arrived in the UK on a forged passport: and until banged up in Bellmarsh, was claiming £800/month benefits 'cos he couldn't "Work" due to the old catch-all, a bad back.

Meanwhile his wife and umpteen kids live in West London in a house reputed to be worth circa £670K.

No doubt the resident bleeding hearts will be on here soon, telling us we're racists.....................


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Mandella was a prime member of ANC (African National Congress) and an activist.

Like so many, he was elevated to sainthood by a groundswell of left wing and liberal myopia.

The total mess that South Africa is in, only shadows what happened to the rest of Africa post McMillan's "Wind of Change" speech in 1957.

Mugabe epitomises a process which has destroyed so many African states post independance.

The main worry concerning South Africa should be the gold, diamonds (which as "Inventory Stones" are an asset class) and perhaps most critical of all, Uranium Yellow Cake. The first two act as a stability fulcrum to the whole global financial system: and the last a target for pariah states.



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[quote user="woolybanana"]

Justify this statement


I cannot currently find reference to it on the web. I am sure I read somewhere that there wanted posters for him stating he was a terrorist-  it was in Palestine I think.

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[quote user="woolybanana"]I wonder if it was because he stood up to the early Israeli terrorists. Was it the Stern gang?[/quote]

Stern Gang; the Macabees; Irgun; amongst a number of others.

Edit: Forget a main ref. Haganah and Lehi too; which gang assassinated  Count Folke Bernadotte (UN mediator) in Jerusalem in 1948.



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Back to the OP. Personally, but I suspect there are many that will disagree, anyone who is so inhuman as to incite others to do their dirty work for them and in particular talk people in to killing innocent members of the public loose their human rights immediately and should be treated as the scum that they are. The world would be a far better place without them irrigardless of their nationality, colour or religion.
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[quote user="woolybanana"]David Ben Gurion who was effectively the first and wisest Israeli president warned that the Palestinians whould be treated properly or there would be trouble. How wise he was. Most Israeli politicians since are not fit to be shoeshine boys.[/quote]

Sorry to be picky, Woolly: I meant to revert on this before however events overcame me!

As they are wont to do........

The First president of Israel was in fact Chaim Wiezmann: the First PM was David Ben-Gurion.

Ben-Gurion was never President.

Interestingly, over New Year I read a most interesting book, "The Peacemakers" writtten by an eminent Prof. of History, Margaret McMillan, which is all about the 1919 Paris peace Conference and the horse trading and political expediencies which led to most of the Middle East's modern problems.

I would commend this tome to anyone wishing to enjoy a much wider knowledge of the post WWI era and the problems surrounding the Treaty of Versailles.


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