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Very Spooky.


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A favourite poem of mine is 'High Flight'.  It has really appealed to me for some years and, during an idle moment or two I checked it out on Google.

I discovered that the author was a 'Pilot Officer John Gillespie

Magee, Jr., now my Grandmothers maiden name was Gillespie......but....

he was killed in an air collision-  'The

mid-air happened over the village of Roxholm which lies between RAF

Cranwell and RAF Digby'. I lived in the mess at RAF Digby for a while when stationed at RAF Cranwell.

I find the coincidences of this very spooky!!!!!!!!!

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The coincidence of :-

my love of his poem 'High Flight'.

The fact that his name included 'Gillespie' which was my grandmothers maiden name.

The fact that I lived in the same Officers Mess that he had lived in when he was killed.

His name of Gillespie Magee, presumably coming from his fathers Irish side indicates (perhaps) that there is a link somewhere with my Grandmothers line, as she , or rather her parents, came from Ireland.

As far as I know he only wrote the one poem, after a high altitude air test of of a Spitfire. The poem was found in his effects after he was killed. It is apparently a significant poem for the aviation world, which is possibly why it appealed to me when I first read it.

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