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I just dare not tell the wife !


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You know how it is...kids grown up....left the nest  you decide to do your own thing.....you buy a caravan ..Your wife takes it over...washes it inside...and out ... polishes it ... The kitchen / shower toilet  would make an infection control sister in any hospital proud ...The new lined curtains are made ..the matching cushions ..and for years you tour the UK and France  in a home from home her little moving  palace . You buy a house in France the caravan is not used so much so the time comes to sell it ......Your wife then starts to imagine the family who will take it on and will go off into the distance to have the great  times in it we had ....so....once more the polish comes out and two whole days are spent on returning the van to its pristine condition .....The day arrives when the new buyer comes to collect it....Your wife decides to go shopping   but you think its just to get out of the way as the sight of the van going might bring out a tear ....

The new buyer arrives ....in a transit van ...produces a wad of notes any bank would have burned as unfit for circulation years ago ....you ask   "Are  you planning to holiday somewhere special this year ? " and you get the answer.......He has an old pub to rip the guts out of and re furbush so it will have no water on or kitchen in ...was looking for a van to put on site .....How do I tell my wife that Ivan or Yanislav with be staanding in cement covered riggers boots on her just hoovered carpet .... while a pan of  Red Borscht  is srirred on her polished stainless steel  hob?   I think there are times when there are things you just dare not tell the wife !

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