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Whats the difference between Gordon Brown & Bernard Madoff ?


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  Radio 4 this morning a bit about his plans not working .....Federation of Small Businesses survey...Moves to guarantee bank lending and speed up consumer spending are having no effect...............so  has he got a plan B ?

............I dont think so !

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and I thought there were no honest politicians left, best of all delivered without hardly referring to his notes, together with the shipshape and bristol fashion analogies!, I just loved the ''pathologically incapable and wilful'' and you know that we know!

So, whens the revolution then![8-|]

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On Teletext this morning it said that G.Brown.P.M. is off to "Charm" WallStreet. To try and charm them into accepting his Global Cr-p! Charm isn't an expression I would think most of the UK would use.He seems to have been nothing but an unmitigated disaster for UK. Funny how Lord Taylor and G.B. have suddenly woken up to the fact that the Banks and Bankers have been doing what they like for the last 10 years and now want to impose regulations etc. Pity they didn't do the job they were being paid for over the last 10 years.I try and think of anything positive that the Government have actually followed through on since they've been in power.Apart from the Iraq Fiasco about to be followed by the Afghanistan Fiasco,ther is the loss of the 10p tax/the pensions raid/the extra fuel tax/extra commercial taxes,shortage of funds to local councils so that the local councils raise taxes and get the blame. The huge financial drain of their ill thought out computer schemes,none working and billions over budget,etc. etc.

If the Queen is supposed to ask G.B. to form Her Government can't she speak up for once and get him to disband it,please.?

Going to the greenhouse to plant some veggie seeds so we can eat this summer.


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I think they both knew how to handle money unfortunately; which was to raid as much as possible of the family silver until they get kicked out and leave someone else to sort out the mess. After wislon pinched the pound in our pockets I never expected them to manage it again (Huh . . . kids eh!) unfortunately they didn't get kicked out early enough this time and that's another nice mess they've gotten me into.[:@]
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