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A Catholic succession


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The issue is now being raised yet again. What would happen to the C of E role which the monarch fulfils? And say the monarch was a member of Opus Dei or another extreme Catholic sect, wouldn't they come under pressure to push the appropriate agenda?

I assume that the monarch could be of any faith then? Rastafarian perhaps?

Trouble is that we can't get rid of them either because there are no statesmen capable of being president and if the speaker of the house was head of state, that would be Gorbals Willie!


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If they are trying to right all the peculiarities abounding around the royals why not get rid of the death penalty for raping or killing the monarch.

Weirder is that to change the sucession and faith of spouses they have to ask other royal families??

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I hadn't realised the death penalty for serious crimes against the Royals had ended, did it slip through in the 1998 legislation?

I am having trouble researching this - but did find the following... which I though illuminating...

Samuel Romilly introduced reforms in 1808 to abolish the death penalty for some of the 200-plus capital offences under England's 'Bloody Code'.

Capital offences included:

  • being in the company of gypsies for one month;

  • vagrancy for soldiers and sailors;

  • strong evidence of malice in children aged 7-14 years.

Nostalgia isn't  what it used to be...

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I discovered the other day that C of E is not 100% a protestant religion. It views itself as catholic with a few of the doctrines of the protestant reformation.

Probably a simplistic way of looking at it, but it surprised me.

So by that definition if Charlie wanted to turn catholic, there shouldn't be a big deal with him being a catholic king if/when the time arises.

Isn't the UK the only western nation that has religion still heavily tied in with its government?
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