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Anyone need a quick van (petrolhead thread)


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Awesome............or what

You may have seen the VW van with a Porsche engine before but now it

seems to be a business as well. German tuner, TH Automobile, must have

thought that there are enough supercar tuners in their country and

started specialising themselves in T4 and T5 vans from Volkswagen.

Their latest creation is this white T5 Multivan having a 996 GT2 engine

in the back. That together with a double turbocharger gave the VW van

an output of 558bhp together with 807Nm of torque.


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Too slow..........


Ford’s workhorse the Transit is more often seen in the paddock than on the race track. The company first put a racing engine in the van in 1971 to create the Transit Supervan. The 400bhp unit came from the company’s GT40 Le Mans-winning sports car.

They put an F1 engine in the van 13 years later - a Cosworth DFL, based on the classic DFV engine but with a longer stroke. - to create Supervan 2.

Supervan 3 followed in 1995, packing a 650bhp Ford-Cosworth ‘HB’ F1 engine. It could blast past 150mph and required a large rear spoiler to keep it stable at high speeds. The chassis came from a Ford C100 sports-prototype.


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