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Starting A Low Budget Theme Park

Furry Knickers

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I was out in the garden at about 5 o'clock and noticed I had some spare land, well I thought immediately about using the bit of garden as a theme park. With people in Ireland now suffering something terrible with the financial turmoil, I thought I could buy a load of hens of differing colours and sizes and start 'Chicken World' It would be cheap to get in as me start up costs would be low (I have access to an unlimited supply of hens) and I already own the garden and a digital camera. I thought an entrance fee of €2.00 which would include admission to a guided tour of our house (weather permitting) and the opportunity to see me collection of photgraphs of the dogs and sofas that I have owned during me current lifetime. I would offer a complimentary photo with the hen of the day or the customers favourite hen, and that would be emailed to the customer (no cost to me or them) and I could offer an adoption of the same hen with regular email updates on the welfare of it.  That is just me own idea of a low budget theme park, would any of you have any alternative ideas and would you think that me prices would be fair? The only extra charge would be for a drop of tea and a bit of home made brack.
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Dear Clair, No, you would not get the eggs, they would be used to reintroduce new stock into the park and also all day breakfasts for the visitors

You would however recieve the adopted bird after it had passed away, for consumption at your own home or fully cooked in our own on site cafeteria at no extra cost.


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The only films that would be available are me own super8 home movies of meself in me Nana Mouskouri outfit and a short film about making a lovely jacket out of an onion sack and dried leaves. These movies would be subject to height restrictions and the discretion of the projector operator at that given time. There will be a standby projector operator during times of excessive interest.
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[quote user="Clair"]I like the sound of it.

If I adopt a hen...

  • Do I get its eggs during the length of its adoption?

  • If not, who does?

  • Do I get my adopted hen when it pops its claws?


I forgot to add that the feathers from the adopted hen (after it was dead) would be used to produce a lifesize replicant for you to keep in your own home. There would be a small fee for beak replacement and any enhancements to provide you with the perfect chicken that you always dreamed of owning.

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