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Rumour Gordo has resigned


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Five-live seem to think he'll be out by the weekend. One can only hope but the contenders don't fill me with joy. Lord Mandleson?H.Harman? etc.etc.  I'm still trying to figure out what Mandy did to be made a Lord.Perhaps I'd better not probe too deeply into that!!


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I watched PM's question time for the first time in years yesterday, it was on Sky news which I can get on my Freebox. The PM was getting a real rogering from all corners and had very little to say for himself.

I did think that David Cameron was a bit weedy when having got G.B. on the ropes by twice asking him "will the man sitting next to you still be the chancellor next week?" he didnt go in for the kill and repeat the question.

Twas something I learnt a long time ago that if you are unhappy with or disbelieve an answer, repeat the question again and then a 3rd time, 9 out of 10 times the recipient finally spits out the truth or becomes very aggressive.

It is actually very intimidating to do but nearly always yields results, I was surprised at Camerons timidness.

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