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Everything comes to they who wait - so the good news is that we have sold the house and are now renting for the time being - next step France!

I can only say to everyone on the Forum a big thanks to you who inspire and educate us all. When I have been at my lowest, I know I can usually find something to cheer me up on the site. Although this is only phase 1, we feel we are on the way. For six years now we have dreamt of being able to sell up, pay off the mortgage and 'take it from there'.

To those who are also waiting - you can sell - we put the house on the market last September, coming back from our holiday. No-one looked at the property at all until Jan 9th, and that was the first - who promptly purchased. So, don't give up heart, it is possible, now for Phase 2 - giving up the day job. Although my health is a bit off at present that will not stop us trying to achieve our future.

Thank you to all and keep up the good work!   


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I'm sorry, but that's a bit of a daft and killjoy thing to say at this stage of the game.

He's committed, doubtless done his research and figuratively speaking, on his way.  Not, it would appear, one of the 'should I move and if so where to, because I've never been to France' brigade.

Happy landings to the OP.

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Just a follow-on from earlier missives. The new roof is going on in France at the moment - we are really lucky with our builders, everyone in the village has said as much to us - how hard they work and the quality of their work. This is the second job they have done for us - they only set up last year and they are really hard workers and know their stuff.

Have just been over to see the work. Due to poor health I have had to close the business and am just waiting to see what the OH plans for his retirement, like I say, slowly slowly.......

My thanks to all who wished me good luck - now at 55 I hope we are working towards what our new future will be....

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