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  I am quite happy to take my own bags to the supermarket...But the idea of  UK Environment Secretary Hilary Benn that I take an empty coffee jar and get it filled up to cut down on packaging is going a bit far ...Sell it in paper bags if they want to cut down on glass in land fill ...This could get out of hand ..I am all for recycling ..but  what next..tether cows in supermarket car parks and be expected to fill my own bottles from them  ?  Are you prepered to take your jars to the shops with you ?

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There in theory should not be any glass in land fill these days, the glass recycling is one that works well very well and is still economic.

It allows me to buy a roll of fibre glass insulation in B&Q for £5 (with a British Gas carbon credit subsidy) that would cost me a minimum of €26 in France

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I am happy to take my bottle back - last week I went to the watermill that uses wood to warm up the walnuts then presses them for oil.

Fantastic smoky walnut oil and if you take the bottle back you save a euro!

Bring back the old star bottle system and those whacky machines that gave you money for them in French supermarkets.

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