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“The Kinnocks are Brussels’s very own Lord and Lady Expenses,”

just john

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What really peeves me off is that until mid July there will be no European Minister in the Government.   Why? ..... so Glenys can collect her full MEP pension. If she left now it would knock an estimated £200-£300 off her pension a year.  What a farce.
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[quote user="Cathy"]

[quote user="Thibault"] Mrs K always had a reputation for being shrewd as well as being a bit brighter than Mr K.[/quote]

... like most women ...  [Www]


So... does this mean most women are brighter than Neil K  - quite a sweeping statement, and sadly not borne out by a number of the women I've met - or that women in general are brighter than their spouse? Cooperlola would, of course, agree with the latter!

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