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Salut folks

A bit of a long shot but does anyone know of any banks/lenders/brokers willing to lend for Châteaux these days?

We have a strong financial profile but apparently nobody is lending for

châteaux anymore as they are seen as high risk.  Frustratingly, most

lenders have offered us much more than we need... as long as it's for

any property except for a château.

We would be hoping for 80% Loan to Value (or at a push 75% LTV).

We are not naive and have researched this decision very thoroughly. The

property we are interested in is actually in very good condition and is

already livable, it simply needs cosmetic updating and a more economic

heating system installed. We will of course have funds set aside for

unforeseen circumstances.

Please no negative lectures about châteaux being money pits or the

pitfalls of moving to France, we are already aware of these factors. We

are simply hoping for some friendly mortgage advice.

Any advice or leads would be gratefully received : )

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