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I'm a bit miffed!


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On hearing the news today about the church announcing that you can get married and have your children baptised  on the same day, I thought that's blooming nice!

About twenty years ago (might even have been longer) when the Cof E was going through a harder time than normal over some vicar taking more than an unhealthy interest in choir practice, I wrote to the Arch of Canterbury with what I thought was a brilliant idea.  Franchise the Cof E.

I even laid out in quite some detail how it could work.  Amount of the franchise fee would depend on the size of church, ie. parish church or cathedral.  Each franchise holder would then be free to develope their church in order to maximise their investment.  They could bring in bands to play on a Sunday instead of only using the organ. Different clothing which people could buy copies of.  Plus they could sell family packs for christenings, marriages and funerals.  Think of the kickbacks from undertakers or the profits from selling little bottles of christening water.  That is just a sample of the stuff I told them about. Today I heard the expression hatch, match and dispatch used.  I wish I had thought of that when I wrote to them.

Having taken the trouble to explain my ideas in great detail, what do you think happened?  Not a word back from them!  Pity I never kept a dated copy of my letter to them as I think I will be entitled to royalties if this marriage and baptism pack takes off. 


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