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I'm in the process of reocating to The Limousin Department of France. I currently work as a pest control officer in the UK and was wondering if there would be any work, working for myself, in this industry in France? 

If you had a pest problem, would call in an expert? Or just deal with the problem yourself?


Many Thanks,


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I think there are people doing it, I once had a visit from some guys who tried to convince me that I had a beetle in my beams that they wantd to exterminate for me (at great expense). (They never responded when I emailed asking for more details and I had forgotten all about it until now)
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yes I think there is plenty of work for a pest control officer, although whether you might need to acquire some French qualifications is another matter. I think most people buy mouse/rat poison over the counter and deal with it but I have seen adverts for people who will deal with an infestation of rats. Certainly, if our mouse poison wasn't working then I would call in the professionals.

We had a fly problem last year and our measly cans of spray didn't do the trick, so I rang up a firm to come and spray the whole house. Interestingly, although there were about a dozen firms listed under 'pest control' they were all listing for termite/beetle/rats, etc. Only one of those firms listed for flying insects, so that was the one I chose. And, in looking at other phone directories, it's rare to see someone saying that they're dealing with flies. But flies can be a big problem, particularly with cluster fly, so that might be something that you could advertise for. Holiday homes, in particular, can suffer from cluster fly and a holidaymaker who's on a precious two-week vacation - and who opens the house to find it full of flies - is more likely to reach for the phone book and call in a professional. We know of several people who've had this problem when opening up their house for the summer and they've been at their wit's end.

So good luck. I think that pest control - like undertakers - is one of those professions where you are probably never short of customers!
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How good is your French? You would have to be aware of all the laws, rules and regulations - and know inside out the different (so-called) pests- which can be VERY different from the ones you have come across in UK. Mairies (Councils/town hall) are unlikely to contract out to anybody outside their area, let alone a foreigner- especially one who does not speak the language.

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[quote user="NormanH"]Larger towns will probably have a 'SERVICE COMMUNAL D'HYGIENE ET DE SANTE' at the Mairie who may put out to tender some of these functions.


Each year our  town  carries out a " campagne de dératisation " , and you can call them any time if you really have a pest problem.

Which does not mean there is no room for private companies.

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