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Visas for India

Edward Trunk

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I would ring the Indian Embassy in Birmingham they are very helpful.

India is a wonderful place - my first choice to live but wifelet refuses.

I love India and its kites...

You'll have a great trip!

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If you find the answer I'd like to know!  We live in France but wish to fly to India from UK (it is MUCH cheaper) but no-one seems to know if we should get visas here or there.  If necessary I'll go to get one from whereever as I don't want to be separated from my passport for any length of time, as I may need to go to UK urgently.


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 We have a son in India ( SE, up in the mountains) and we went to visit in 2005. I obtained a visa in advance from the Indian Embassy in London. It took a whole morning, but I preferred this to the alternative of sending our passports in the post - too risky. It was a 6 month tourist visa. We flew from Heathrow.

I expect you can get a visa from an Indian Embassy in France. You can fly from Paris direct to Bangalore and other Indian cities.

You will also need to have various injections etc. before you go.

The journey was very tiring and took nearly two days, but I suppose it depends which part you're going to. The visit was interesting, but quite shocking at times. Good to see our family though.

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