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I haven't used Gimp myself but was shown how it performed by a friend.  He made it look quite easy to use.

Having used Serif products many years ago and found it easy to use then, I purchased Serif PhotoPlus 8 (Think it was about£10) but have only used the "Cloning" tool which I found brilliant.  Since I purchased it I have tried to sharpen up the way I take the picture in the first place so haven't used my Serif programme in ages.  What I tend to do now is to use the "cropping" feature on the programme that came with the camera.

I suppose like a lot of these products there is no substitute for using them for finding out how they work.

Sorry I haven't been able to give you any tips.

EDITED.  Looks like Teapot had the same idea.

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[quote user="woolybanana"]

Hello Jon, how's the flat land?

GIMP is open source software that I thought might save the cost of fotoshop.


The flat lands are good. I've built a small hill to limit the monotony. Very busy summer - wolf & door seperated to an acceptable degree for another year.

By the way, could you adjust the settings on your blog to allow comments from those without Blogger / Google or similar IDs? These people put hynotic software on your computer telling you to drink Starbucks and eat Mc Donalds you see, so I won't have them. Plus I inevitably forget the passwords.

You well?

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