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Internal Revenue Service scam


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Has anyone received an email from the  (US) Internal Revenue Service ?

Clearly a scam, but scary initially.   Claimed I have underpaid US tax !!   Have no reason to pay  any US tax!

But, they keep coming : 4 or 5 per day into my junk mail box only to be deleted unopened.

Annoying - I wish there was a safe way to annoy them!


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Thanks Albert

The US Internal Revenue Service has on its web site quite a bit on scam emails - and has warnings and explanations, and even makes clear that they do not email people.

I may forward this scammer's email, but what about the numerous people who may be taken in by this?

Scam is becoming a real pain as there is so much of it that I seem to get - straight into my junk file, but I have to clear it and check that valid emails have not been 'junked'.

I have also wondered how to send scam to these scammers, but you cannot trace them easily - I tried once and got as far as the far East with one, but not the actual source - unfortunately.


A  very serious Geeky friend (Oxford Univ. computer studies Masters degree) did manage to send a few thousand emails to one source a while back,  and it certainly stitched up their system for a time, but  I don't have such skills or knowledge.

That's the kind of response they should get!



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