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What if....the Conservatives...


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We will be in deep doo-doo.

So far the Chief Con only seems to have suggested calling a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, a subject on which only about 4 people are qualified to comment, but if it happens the result will be interpreted by many as a Yea or Nay on staying in Europe.

If the Czech Republic can sort out it's constitutional issues quickly the the Blues may find out that, even if they take up the poisoned chalice, it will be too late.


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To be honest, what happens in the UK really doesn't affect me. There is absolutely nothing there for me personally and I guess the only thing that would affect me is if the UK did quit Europe and my freedom to move within Europe was revoked and I had to move out. Then I would probably move back to Australia.

I apologise for my inconsiderate comments in this thread and do understand that many have an income from the UK still, which could be affected by whatever poliician deems right for himself, sorry, I mean for his country. Why they constantly have to tinker with things, I'll never know, and I wish people could just be left in peace to get on with the more important thing called living.

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I don't think that we can predict what the pound is going to do, but if it slides too far then what should the UK government do? Imports will become expensive in the UK, and just look how many imported cars, TVs and other goods there are. That would lead to higher inflation and bigger wage rises.

The Labour government probably realise this, but as they know that their time in power is limited and the cost of imports will have a slow effect, they can just leave the problem to the next incumbent of 10 Downing street.

I love the way that they tell us that a weak pound is good for exports and UK tourism. How many UK car manufacturers are left to export anything? How many foreign tourists go to the UK, apart from a quick visit to London?

The other thing is that companies like GM who make cars in the UK and Germany will consider twice to shut a factory in a country using Euros when they have a factory in a country using the volatile pound sterling.

We will all have to wait and see, but even if my UK sourced pension was devalued by 30%, I would still rather live here. Come to think of it, it has been devalued by 30% in the 5 years that I have been here.

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Whilst it is harmless fun to "chat" about what effect the Tories will have IF they are elected at the next election, and what you would do to improve the UK (another thread).  It is after all said and done just that....harmless fun.  Nothing that 60 million people (except for a handful) do or say will have any effect at all on our chances of keeping our heads above water.  It is just like the long range weather forecasters.  They explain very intelligently how this week will start off dry leading into showers at the end of the week, followed by an exceptionally hot spell.  But until each day breaks we should be prepared for anything.

Democracy exists rather like my mothers philosophy "You do as I tell you, not as I do!"  My mother was a good sort, though many were the days when I wished I'd had a different one as she chased me with the copper stick (for you younger ones it wasn't made of copper) but I guess I was stuck with the mother I was given, much like Prime Ministers.

As an aside, this quote by Dog tickled me...

On R4 today they said that 90% of people in UK jails were illiterate - I have a jolly wheeze to save time and money - all school leavers are tested and those that fail a literacy test go straight to jail - do not pass go do not collect £200.

Good to talk though as I pass gently through retirement.

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Weedon, I wish it was only a big IF.  But, I do think that the scenario that I have painted has more than an even chance of being reality.

Can't see Brown and Darling getting another term and can't see Cameron being able to withstand the pressure for a referendum. 

I admit the referendum could, in theory, turn out a Yes result to Europe; the same as, if they have a referendum about capital punishment, the result would also be Yes.

I wish I could be more hopeful but there it is................

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As a previous poster pointed out, any referendum will be about the Lisbon treaty, not membership of the EU. Not even Thatcher, who was a swivel-eyed europhobe, proposed leaving the EU. As I understand it, the Conservatives are happy for Britain to be in a trading partnership, but will not accept any widening of the EU's role - no United States of Europe, for example. Most of Britain's trade is with our EU partners. Leaving would not make any economic sense. Anyway, for as long as I can remember, British foreign policy has been made in Washington, and the Americans want us to stay. Nuff said.
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