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RIP Sir Ludovic Kennedy


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And he had a long and successful marriage to Moira Shearer, which lasted until she died in 2006.  Says quite a lot for the pair of them given the stresses of life in the public eye that bring many a celebrity down these days.  Another icon gone!

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[quote user="BigWalker"]Did you see that when he first met Moira Shearer, the ballerina, at a dance, he was instantly smitten. He summoned up the courage to ask her for a dance. She said, "Of course, but I warn you I am not very good." And apparently that was true.


You obviously saw the Times obit too.

Speaking as someone who as done both ballet and ballroom (which is what I presume they mean by "at a dance"), the techniques are quite different - and whilst I can manage it, not being the wonderful ballet dancer that Moira Shearer was, I can see that if you have not learnt any ballroom dancing, it is not easy to pick up without being taught it - you should have seen the beginners at our class last night trying to do the quickstep - at the end of an hour of the class of a simple basic and lock step (which you do all the time in quickstep) some still had not got it - and probably never will.  Still an amusing comment, and a lovely partnership as it turned out to be....

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