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One off duty policeman and three strange creatures and a crop circle and Silbury...


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Off duty policeman who gives it cred then click on the link to the crop circles appearing article where it says these 'circles' are worth millions to the local economy. Right I'm off down the garden tonight with my ball of string and plank of wood. I see the crop circle makers have their own website ( HERE ) and you can buy things from them if you are really interested. Nice little earner? [;-)]

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I was in Avebury near Silbury Hill and at the Kennet Longbarrow in late July & saw a crop circle.   We often get reports of them in the Salisbury Journal.

But few people here accept it's anything but planks and ropes and careful measurment.  The most famous crop circle designer/maker died a while back and there were few done for ages.   Perhaps Americans do travel here to see them, but few locals believe that aliens make them.

And, that's in spite of Wiltshire people being famous for being 'Ooh aars'


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