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Felicitations, Shivy! I'm not yet a grandparent but I'd be so happy to be called simply 'grandma'. When I was growing up I had a great grandmother as well as two grandmothers and to save confusion, great grandma was called 'kleine gran' because she was teeny weeny.
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What you would like them to call you and what they actually call you may not be the same. I opted for 'Grandma' and my first grandchild's early attempts included "Gaga". My youngest grandchild has been taught by his Italian grand father, who he sees more of than me, to call me 'NonnI' (sp) which I rather like.

Just in case you haven't noticed yet; having grandchildren addles the brain.

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Congratulations to you Shivy and to the parents[:)]

I am Granny Pat to some of mine, and just Granny to the others.

When my first grandchild was born they asked me to go and look after him for a week when they went back to work! That was a sharp learning curve I can tell you - I was terrified.

Wishing you much pleasure from the little darling -  Pat.

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