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Merry Christmas and thank you

confused of chalus

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We are about to depart for dirty old London (Tooting) to spend the next couple of weeks with our daughter and granddaughter and visit the rest of the family. I Just wanted to say Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone on the forum - especially the regulars. I dont post much, but I log on every day and am by turns educated, alarmed, entertained and appalled by all the lovely chat. Some of the names are as familiar to me now as my old 'real' friends.

So thank you for your company, there have been some low times that some of you have unknowingly brightened, and of course, I am as ever, Confused.

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Happy Christmas to everybody as I am off on Thursday, it's good to mix with poor people now and again as it makes me appreciate how lucky I am.

Especially to Tooting person, as I have fond memories of Tooting on a Friday night.  Wimbledon Palais bopping to somebody like Freddie and the Dreamers, a couple of pints then a quick bus ride into Tooting for pie and beans.  Kids today don't know their born[:-))]

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