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Lost Passport

Mr Coeur de Lion

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Damn it. Lost my passport, searched everywhere for it.

Printed the forms out for a replacement and will go through the monotony of going to the cops to report it lost, find someone who'll sign the photos and then pay €143 for a new one.

But my question is for those who have lost theirs, how long does it take to reissue? I really need it asap.

I'm a dork, so frustrating.
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In UK it's now £112.50 for a fast track replacement so €143 in France is not so inflated.

The great news is that in their unbounded magnanimity the UK government will give you a passport for FREE if you were born on or before 2 September 1929, not that you could really go anywhere with it though as nobody would give you travel insurance!

Interesting to note that the IPS has been hit by the recession too and have increased their fees to cover a downturn in the number of passports issued [blink]


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I lost mine in Luxembourg some years ago and the lovely lady (Penny was her name) at the consulate would have had it ready the next day if it was urgent.

I don't know what it is now but I had to pay an extra amount (€70 if memory serves) for having a replacement done 'overseas'

When I queried this, I was told it was for 'British persons in distress'

Well I was pretty distressed after paying the extra I can tell you!


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[quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]It has to be in this house somewhere. My Aussie one is with it too, so that's two I would have to sort out.

I've checked all the drawers with the paperwork left untouched, but no luck.

And even google hasn't been able to help this time.[/quote]

Have you checked all the pockets in your travel bags and suitcases?

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Well done!  Richard........er, sorry, Mr Coeur de Lion!

When I lost mine, back in the UK, I thought and thought about it and decided that I must have put it in the dustbin in its envelope.

Anyway, I devised a cunning plan:  because I had sent off the passport recently to DVLA, I told the passport people that the DVLA never sent it back!

I still had to pay for a new replacement but then it was at a time when all immigrants' papers were gone through with a fine tooth-comb and I didn't fancy telling the Passport Office that, whilst I was a fully legal immigrant in the UK, I'd merely thrown my new passport away!

Arrrgghh, can you imagine what the response to THAT explanation would have been???

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Well, Sweets, we were recommended an agent.

Phoned him and he has now contacted our friends in the village and is going to look at the house, take pics and value the place. Shame we can't be there to make sure it looks its best but, ah well. We'll see.

Best we aren't there really - too heartwrenching.

Anyone out there want to buy near Perpignan and 3 km from the beach?
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