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Anybody interested in going halves?


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Nasa is going to flog off some space shuttles this year, at a knock down price.  Now I don't think they will all be sold so does anybody want to go halves with me when I put in a bid for one? It might be of some help if you have some experience in actually driving one otherwise it could be a little tricky landing, I am assuming here that taking off wouldn't be too difficult as presumably all you do is stick your foot down and go.

If I am wrong and my bid fails they are offering the actual engines FOC all you have to do is pay for postage and packing.  I think that if you were to put one of those in a car chassis it would go like ...............off a shovel down the Bonneville Salt Flats.  At a guess I think the very least that would happen is that it would break the land speed record, think of how that would go down on the forum afterwards?

Bugs is the man for a bit of design as I was very impressed with his boat.


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