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Now is surfing the web causing depression


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No long ago it was the imbalance in society that made people depressed ...Now its surfing the web ...The Question..".Do you get depressed from  surfing the internet..or do you go and surf the internet because you are depressed ? .  


What does this make all of us now ?  We who might  turn to popping somthing on the forum while others in the house are into watching the soaps on TV that we cant stand !.

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Probably the same people that gave this lot a grant to discover how Cod and Herring communicate, by farting it appears.


Not quite the article I was thinking about where it mentions the actual size of the grant. I can't remember if it was £800,000 or £80,000 anyway either is nice money if you can get it and this lot did.

I'd like to know because I am thinking about asking for a grant to discover how worms communicate, about £1M should tide me over for a few years. [;-)]

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