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Can you catch a bad back ?


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I'm beginning to wonder. I have had one for a week now and its been really bad. An English friend, who visited us recently has one too.

Prior to this Mrs B had one and just talking to my neighbour, this morning, he's got one too.

Surely they can't all be related to a physical injury [:)]

Can it really be contagious. [:)]


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I can't remember catching a bad back from anyone, but I can easily catch it from myself, by being careless - or over-optimistic!

Knowing how crucial it is to have strong abdominal muscles to prevent bad backs, I looked for core strength exercises -

and I found this interesting site which tells most of what one needs to know about back pain:


It might be interesting to some.

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Dad had a slipped disc when he was 40 and was taught to do core exercises described. He did them every morning until he died 56 years later. Swimming is also very good. Ang Gi-gong and Tai-chi even better. And bend ze knees when you pick up heavy stuff and NEVER TURN WHILST you are lifting. Bonne chance.

Bad news though - it seems that bad weather and the infamous East wind (la bise) can influence bad knees, backs, thumbs, and any bit often affected by arthritis. I used to laugh at my mum when she said that - and now it's my turn! M**de.

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No question core exercises help at any age, particularly "abs"; but not to forget the need to exercise muscles through their full range of action.

The body naturally by a simple feed back mechanism by means of a  complementary "muscle" gradually restricts the full movement of the principal muscle to reduce the possibility of injury.

This reduction in useability can be delayed by exercising the muscles over their full functional range.

Once lost never regained!

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