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Help from someone with an electrical bent, please.


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A silly problem for which I can find no logical explanation or solution, to wit: My Philips rechargeable razor works perfectly everywhere off its base, EXCEPT in the CC where it will just not come on. Take it away and it starts fine. Can anyone please suggest an explanation?

It did once come on by itself when the mobile fone which was next to it at the time received an sms.

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It goes well back before ancient Egypt when travellers first left to travel the higways and biways - being unshaven is a must for itinerant nomads. Thus today in every travelling bedroom there is a reverse osmosis tesla coil fitted to stop electric razors working within 30 metres of the temple of the trailer park.
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[quote user="Weedon"]

Next time you travel in your CC, post your mobile number on here and one of us will ring you at a time when you wish to shave. Be prepared to come back hairless though cos lots of us might phone.[:)]


I beg to disagree, Weedon, who'ld want to ring old Wooly?  Au contraire, he will have a beard that will fall below his knees and will have more hair than the dogs.  In summary, he will truly be a WOOLYbanana!

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