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Sciatica injection.


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My on-going back problems have led to my doctor offering me a cortizone injection in (or near) my spine.

It all started with a disc displacement that has now been corrected with a course of manipulations. I do, however, now have a pain that varies from none to severe, in my left buttock and all down my left leg, classic sciatica.

My question is has anyone had this injection, is it a safe procedure, and does it work (pain relief)

Thanks for any advice.

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I was immobilised by this a year ago, and can confirm that it is agonising!  You have my sympathy. It was the only time I have  had to get the Doctor to call. He didn't give me an injection, but prescribed a course of heat and electrical stimulation of the muscles in the lower back by a kiné.

I still get twinges, but it helped.

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My sympathy too.  I know very well how bad that can be.  Sorry I cannot help with any knowledge of injections.  The only thing that worked for me was to firmly grit my teeth and get up and start walking.  keeping in one position made it worse.

But here's a strange thing.  I used to get this regularly to a greater or lesser extent at least once a month.  Last year (October) I went to the Docs with a prostate problem, thankfully not cancer but the very common benign enlargement. Anyway, I am now on one-a-day magic pills for the rest of my life, an alpha blocker, tamsulosin and guess what, no sciatica in the last 6 months!  I can stand for hours, walk, do what I want.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  I'm not attempting 'diagnosis by forum' or anything like that but maybe something to think about.

Good luck anyway with whatever you decide

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Hi and sorry to hear that you have this as I started to get sciatica on the right hand side 5 years ago which has got progressively worse. Caused by an arthritic disc they say and I have the option of the injection that you describe. I have been holding off as there are other more pressing problems that need sorting first, waiting for a colonoscopy and gastroscopy for problems associated with Crohn's disease and a hiatus hernia.

Would be very interested to hear how you get on if you go ahead with this. A search of the net shows a whole range of opinions from very favourable to a waste of time. I can tell you that the missus had one in her elbow which proved very effective for several years. So do let us know how you get on please........Bon Courage............JR




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Just thought an update was due.

I opted not to have the injection and have, instead, spent the last few days trying a chinese 'body-balance' massage system. (bought, as an 'e'book, in desperation off the internet)

The good news is that, together with an exercise regime, it seems to be working.

The nights are the worst with sciatica due to lying still in bed until the pain is so bad that you end up getting up at some god-forsaken hour and making a cup of tea to accompany you around a 2 am walk in the garden. Last night was the first in three weeks that I actually slept all night.

The biggest problem with an improving situation is the fear that you do something slightly wrong and it will all revert back into the pain situation. Its a bit like walking on eggshells [:)]

Here's hoping.

Thanks for all the sympathy and support.

If anyone would like details of the body-balance stuff, PM me.


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