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UK into profit on RBS and Lloyds stakes


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I deliberately didn't make any comment[:D] You can make the numbers say anything you want, depending on what political slant you want to put on the result. It will be interesting to see if anyone tries to answer the question on here. It will give a pretty good idea how they will vote at the Election.

(10 Year Gilts are 4%, so the cost is roughly 195M per month. PS I can't vote!)

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What I genuinly find difficult to work out is why everyone talks about 'too big to fail' and those large banks should be broken up.

When you look at the recovery of Lloyds, RBS and banks like Citibank in the US, the banks are all returning a profit to the treasuries. The banks that were allowed to fail ie Northern Rock and Lehmans and all the small regional banks in the U.S and building socirties in the UK will never be able to repay. Too big to fail just doesn't make any sense. What they need to do is to regulate ALL banks in a way that makes economies more sustainable and less prone to shocks.

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