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[quote user="Mel"]Is it just me - or is anybody else already fed-up with the election hype on TV and in the newspapers?[/quote]

I'm fed up with the three main parties just slagging each other off and point scoring. I wish they would say truthfully what they intend to do to put the economy right for us, not just the bankers and money grabbers of the "city". Unfortunately our welfare is not high on politicians agenda.

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Too true Nick. I saw readers comments in one of the tabloids suggesting people vote BNP [:@] and that they should read the BMP manifesto. Just for a laugh I visited the BNP website, they don't appear to have one for the general election. Shows they are really on the ball. Seems even the smaller parties are not much better. So its off to the garden to watch the grass grow, far more entertaining. [;-)]
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As I do not live in UK and I also have no access to UK television I am fortunately spared the daily tedium.

From what I can be bothered to read on UK paper websites none of the 3 main parties seem to truthfully address the national debt problem.

Is the truth so bad that it would be vote loser?

The best outcome would be a coalition government so that national issues could be taken more seriously than party dogma.
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