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Credit rating on return to UK...


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Don't know where to 'post' this - apologies if it's wrong but couldn't decide....

I'm sure someone has asked about getting a credit rating - when you don't have one or - especially - when you come back/return to the UK from being abroad.

Radio 4 - Saturday - Money Box at 12 noon (UK time) will be covering this subject.

For those who may have to return to UK/or those whose long-term plan was always to return 'home' this might be of interest!

Mods - if this is 'wrong' top section then I'll leave the 'move' to your better judgement !!


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I'll try and catch it but it would be nice to think that having put ones feet up and retired to France one would have no further need of a UK credit rating [;-)]

If you were going back involuntarily and perhaps needed a mortgage or a loan it might be a different matter but of course a properly planned return would have allowed for a potentially degraded credit rating.

One possible way to keep it going would be to regularly use your UK credit card or cards. Unfortunately though it is ones presence on the electoral roll which is the underpinning of a credit score and that's a tad difficult to maintain if not living in UK.

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Those returning to UK after living in France would need to build up a record in UK. You can be put on a UK electoral register while living in France, as you are entitled to vote. Being on the electoral register is the first step in establishing a record in UK. These used to be done at a particular time, but you can be added at any time now, as it's a rolling programme.
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