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arty-musician is searching for contact with france lovers

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hello i am edwin emanuel posse from holland

i i love france very much : their culture and architecture and wine and people and especialy also the forrest

one day i want to live in france ... somewhere with lots of nature ......so ha jeah i am searching a bit for contact.... and i do it here because i love france but dont speak the language very well

my search is a bit like the search for a needle in a heystack because yeah ... i dont like gardening and farming very much... i like basicly the nature in its pure form and shape : i do am a bit handy so i can work a bit on repair and stuff

well i am a musician .... i do sort of well : world-famous people visit my site and so : but at the moment i still dont have a recordlabel... my music is not very mainstream : its to arty and so

i do like to smoke and i love to drink wine and open fires and music and for food i can pay myself

okey-dow-key hope to hear something from somebody.... ha ha its a bit a message in a botlle 

Moderator edit : Please contact Edwin via the PM system

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ha in holland we have this expresion ( saying ) : how can a cow catch a rabbit in the most simple fashion

ha ha thats basicly me : ha ha i want to much

but yeah my army is very small at the moment

okidoki succes in this jah-mess


Post edited - Edwin, please read the forum code of conduct before posting again: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/465569/ShowPost.aspx

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