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Starving poor Children


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And on the other hand the UK are giving and extra £5m in aide to Palestine taking it to £53m not to mention all the other countries we give aid to and for what? Charity begins at home, the money should go to people living in the UK first and if there is some left over then by all means give it to people outside of the UK but 'means test' the countries first. £7.9bn was given away in 2009, that's an awful lot of school dinners.  Time for a change on how Britain draws up its foreign aid budget and not cut expenditure on children ,they are the future and we have c*cked it up quite a bit already. Mind you Labour would have to make the same cuts as the Tories, bet their secretly glad they never won the election.
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The harsh reality, Q, is as the Times article points out, that extant projects become hard to stop: and invariably, the original raison d'etre is forgotten.

Worth perhaps remembering that Britain, along with others gives, every year, funds to UN, World Bank and via EU, The Glistening Bank (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: called the "Glistening Bank", owing to its penchant for erecting ivory towers which spend most of its capital on self-admin: as does the UN).

Also must be remembered that the World Bank, since its inception has always enjoyed an American as its President: and the World Bank has been an unofficial organ for the US State Department and implementer of State's Foreign Policy objectives: and additionally, the deal maker for major US corporations.

As you say "Charity begins at home!" (Interestingly, one Nick Griffin of the BNP used precisely this same slogan when writing, speaking and sounding off about Foreign Aid!): in this case, I cannot disagreee with him, since I find it truly perverse that elderly British citizens have been dying from Hypothermia through poverty in increasing numbers for the past 20 years or so.

Largesse is fine: when a person, organisation, corporation or nation state is booming and meeting its own essential internal obligations adequately.

For example: (Incomplete List)

Target State Recipients:

Singapore £8.7 Million  -over last 5 years (Singapore enjoys GDP per capita which is 4th highest globally: and 46% higher than the UK's!!)

Saudi Arabia  £380,000

China £ 40.2 Million !!!!!

India £ £312 Million !!!!

Also aided, Slovenia, Malta, Czech Republic, Hungary.

Amongst others.

Perhaps the most insane being this:



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All this talk of giving , the UK is up to its eyes in debt , so to give away millions must involve borrowing those millions and paying how much in interest ?

If you where struggling with debt would you get yourself into more debt to give the money away ?


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I think free school meals should be provided for every child. These should be nutritious and well-presented. The cost should be taken from child benefit, and if this is stopped in the future for those earning over a certain level, should be recouped through tax.

There are children who are malnourished in our country, and have been for many years; some because of ignorance of cooking and nourishment passed down through generations, some through fecklessness, and some through pandering to whims. Children would grow up having had knowledge of proper meals, and the feckless would have less money to spend on other things.There is a culture of welfare dependancy; free school meals for all would provide no incentive to have more children, and all children would grow up reasonably well-nourished.

I would also wish to have child benefit stopped for any child after say the first 3 in a family. We need children, and those who can afford more could go right ahead; those who can't afford more children would need to think and act more carefully. 1 year from now would seem a good time to bring this in.

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[quote user="NormanH"]Clever diversions, but it doesn't avoid the fact that Kamerwrongs Kants have scented blood ..

OK Norm, you don't seem to me very happy with any political group so given that for whatever reason the UK is in this current mess owing nearly a trillion pounds (possibly more if they pay £70bn interest per year) so you tell us what the answer is, how would you turn the UK from a bankrupt country to a profitable one, get an excellent healthcare and education system, police that actually caught people other than speeding drivers, and all the other things that are currently wrong?

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Plus a Museum in Chile has just paid £192k for an old dress of Princess Diana. I would have thought Chile could have put the money to better use. Perhaps the Indian steel magnate with his thousands of billions will start putting a bit back into the sanitation industry in India?
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Two interesting examples of just how government funded projects waste taxpayers money...........



And I always believed jumping all over someone else's buildings was called trespass: and this activity was basically about fleeing from police trying to arrest you!

Multiply such insanity as this hundreds of thousands of times all across Britain and it's easy to see why the budget is so far in defecit; and Godron needed to borrow such vast capital sums in order to finance such stupidities.


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Dear old Ken, Will, was originally a Marxist: and his "Strategies" - utopian Ivory Tower nonsense in majority: remembering, of course, he followed Sir Horace Cutler, a confirmed non-recidivist died-in-the-wool right winger.

Now I fail to grasp what Boris the Buffoon is really aiming for; or his personal goal. He's after maximum media exposure sure enough. What else?

Despite the clear evidence of the Parisian experiment on bike rentals, Boris has forged ahead with Serco on his bikes for hire scheme.

And this in the face of the number of cyclists, mullered on the streets of London by cabs, buses and HGVs. (So, so sadly, Mrs Gluey was a Metropolitan Police key witness of an accident where a lovely young woman on her 'bike, was flattened by a 'bus and killed instantly, as she - Mrs G- was walking to work across London Bridge and the young woman was pedalling to work as well).

My own Local Authority, a Unitary Authority and the largest in a large county, forged ahead in developing cycle tracks: which make little sense.

Interestingly, I was in fact on the committee, early on (An ex-officio member; by dint of my earlier position as Chair of a major regeneration initiative): I wrote to the Borough Engineer for transport asking him if he were mad? And resigned.

'Cos this cycle mania was stated as representing an integral part of a "New transport policy".


I have often looked at this waste of hundreds of thousands of pounds; waiting to see hordes of cyclists, in their suits etc, pedalling to work in Autumn, Winter and early Spring. I'd wait a long time.

Actually, when NuLab NEC threw Ken out and banned him from standing in London's Mayoral election, I wrote to him in support: 'cos whilst I abhor what he stands for, a la Voltaire, I'd fight to ensure he had his chance.

To screw up - again!


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Off subject but as bikes have been mentioned. In my neck of the woods Toulouse, Perpignan and Carcassonne they now rent bikes out just like Paris. I think its a good idea although I am a bit old to use them these days and prefer the Clim in my car his time of year and the heating in the winter plus the old joints are creaking a bit these days.

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Oh: I'm not knocking the concept: simply the reality.

Paris rentabikes have been found as far away as Lagos...............

London has a bike theft epidemic.

The rentabikes will simply provide even more opportunities.

I guess this presages an excellent heads up to invest in such as Maersk Lines.


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They dont have to look far for them, when the stock diminishes below a certain level they just do a tour of  these: http://brocabrac.fr/index.php?dept=80 accompanied by the gendarmes and a meatwagon. You really have to question the mentality of the guys who try to sell them at the rédéries and of the intested buyers.

The G-men also use the overtime oportunity to hone their contrôle d'identité skills other wise known as kneeling in the middle of the  back of anyone of Arab origin

They overstepped the mark two days ago by controlling a very well educated and influential young man of North African origin that runs the cyber centre in the Mairie D'Amiens he was chosen for his probity, communication skills and ability to engage with the young from the HLM's.

Not taht it did him much good during his "contrôle" which was fortunately captured on a mobile phone, he was released later from garde à vue to have his injuries treated at the CHU Amiens.

That night schools were vandalised and cars once more set ablaze in the HLM's at Amiens Nord.

Apologies for drifting off topic.

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At least 3,000 bicycles were stolen in the first year of operation, many more than had been initially estimated.[5] Some have been stolen and taken to Eastern Europe and Africa. As of August 2009, of 20,600 bikes initially, about 16,000 bikes have been replaced due to vandalism, including 8,000 stolen and 100 pulled from the Seine River.[8][9]

Officials of JCDecaux have admitted that they initially underestimated the degree of vandalism and theft. An example of tragedy of the commons, profitability estimates have been delayed until new procedures address such losses. A sociologist saw the vandalism as a symptom of revolt by sub-urban poor immigrant youths against the bourgeois urban middle class, the main users of the bikes.[6]

Some of the Velibs parked at the stations and available for hire may have mechanical problems. To indicate when there is a problem with the bike it has become common to rotate the seat through 180 degrees so that it is pointing backwards. This practice avoids wasting time picking up faulty bicycles and shows the staff which bikes require attention.[10]


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