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Angela Merkel has announced publically that, in her opinion, 'multiculturalism [in Germany] has utterly failed'.  With undercurrents of racial tension in France and the recent disclosures of Nulab's 'social engineering' project in the UK, what is the future of racial integration in Europe?  Can 'multiculturalism' ever work?  By encouraging immigrants to retain their cultural identity do we, de facto, create a divided society.

Mrs R51

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[quote user="pachapapa"]Probably and the first stage in integration is the language. A period of 5 years should be sufficient for basic fluency; then possibly a further 1 year probationary period with regular progress controls and then deportation.[/quote]

A good  idea for the Brits in France

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What an insecure bunch we are. In my home planet of Cyprus we have tens of thousands of foreigners/guests (the word xenos means the same in Greek) living with us and we have never worried that they have different customs and cannot speak the language.

I am disappointed that Ms Merkel feels the need to raise this issue at this time as I had hoped that the German economy was robust and about to lead Europe into better times.
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And in the discussion between Turkey and Germany on this somewhat delicate subject it was openely stated:


In order to successfully integrate it is essential to learn the language of the country where you live.



This was said by.....................................................



........................ Abdullah Gul - premier of Turkey.

So watch out all of you ensconced in Dordogneshire, Nomandyshire and Brittanyshire.

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