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Norman will be in his seventh heaven


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Just across the border from Perpignan has opened ther biggest brothel in Europe with 150 working girls, and it is all legal. So, if Normie goes quiet or sounds tired, you can assume he has been over the border for slow one - at his age, v    e    r   y  s   l    o    wwwwwwwwwwww!![6]
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There is serious talk of re-legalising brothels in France. I think they were legal until 1948.

Bad news for me having spent 5 years converting one into flats, the returns would be far better as it was [:(]

I have always thought that there would be a good market here for visiting Thai masseuses, it may even be remboursable by assurance maladie, it would definitely qualify for a tax refund as une prestation à domicile [;-)]

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