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British to be taught english once more!


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I was pleased to see that the new regime in the UK will finally be contemplating some positive steps to redressing the appalling educational standards rampant in the Isles.

The proposed measures to improve the diabolical standards of spelling and grammar will be much appereciated by (......) .


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[quote user="pachapapa"]

The proposed measures to improve the diabolical standards of spelling and grammar will be much appereciated by (......) .


" ........thousands of children leave school without

being able to compose a sentence, spell difficult words ....." Not just children it seems! Is that a quote or were you trying to be funny?

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I am also pleased to see that more attention is to be paid to spelling and grammar, and that full marks won't be gained if mistakes are made.

However, many teachers never stopped teaching spelling, grammar etc, and made it clear that high standards were expected. Spelling tests etc have still been given at large numbers of schools. Low educational standards might have been rampant in places, but in many others standards have remained high. My nine year old nephew has regular homework such as learning spellings, correcting mistakes in work etc. He came from Turkey aged nearly five and although he was a bright lad, his local primary school has played a big part in his aquisition of skills and building on those skills.

There are schools where children arrive at the age of five never having seen a book, held a pencil, eaten proper meals, learned to speak properly or to be clean and dry. I taught in some myself for many years, and the background of some of their parents and grandparents was not a good example; many were not at all supportive of learning, while some were obstructive. Those children obviously had a lot to learn while others were acquiring the normal skills expected in school, and many more diverse skills were obviously needed by teachers. Many of those children did very well educationally by the time they left primary school, but others still struggled. These problems are still found today in at least one of the schools that I know well.

Some of the ideas of the current government make the chances of these children look much better; more cash means much better staffing levels can be made available at an early age. Not feeling the need to revise for weeks or months to obtain good SATS results will also mean that many schools will have many extra hours each week to continue educating children. 

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