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Don't mention the Wedding!


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I thought it was a lovely lovely article, (not lovey, lovey)![:)]  I disagree with the sentiment about the engagement ring, of course, it's William's way of making his beloved mother (a small) part of their life together, but I don't think the ring only saw unhappiness it also saw her freedom from those that did not care for her. So if you believe jewellery has a past that lives on with their new owner, then maybe she'll have a good indian guide.

OK Tin hat on now.


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I can't understand why some people seem to dislike Prince Charles so much. His son's appear to be very close to him.

I think the best thing Kate Middleton can do is ignore all comments from the media, who built Princess Diana up (with her collusion), then brought her down only to raise her to virtual sainthood after her death.

I'd have preferred a new engagement ring!
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Dare I say it, I don't actually like the engagement ring and I have seen it close-up, honest!  Princess Di showed it to me herself and, unlikely as that might seem, it's true.

What happened was, OH designed a Centre for the Deaf (charging no fees, of course:  that's how we are so  poor) and Princess Di came to open it in her capacity as patron for the RNID or whatever it was....can't remember and not bothered to remember.

Me, I like a solitaire (like I have, of course) because it sits so much better alongside the wedding ring!

There, my moment of upmanship over and I shall retire to my usual reticent self![:D]

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I wish them well, but it's a shame we've all become so cynical. Or is it realistic?

But those two looked as if they are really "in love" - for the moment?

btw my Mum had an engagement ring like that, maybe a bit smaller. I remember coming home one day and seeing it hanging from the doorbell - my little sister had been playing with it!

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We are told that we are in the worst recession since god was a boy yet Diddy Dave suggests that most people in UK take an extra day off work.

Despite the reports that Brenda and Big Ears "will pay a chunk of the costs" I still foresee the taxpayers being landed with a hefty bill. But where was our refund when Di finally got fed up with C and C playing hide the sausage ?

A. Curmudgeon


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One thing you can be sure of is that over the coming (endless) months every idiot and his dog will make some proclomation regarding this wedding. Some of it may be correct... most of it will be pure invention or so trivial as to be beyond belief.  I watched "Have I got more news for you" last week and thought they summed up the situation pretty well.

And if anyone else says the news of the wedding has "lifted the country" I think I'll commit murder. It hasn't lifted me...

As  Rhett Butler said to Scarlett O'Hara.... 

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn

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Hypocrite, Does he really think the Church is any less of a worn out institution than the Royal family?
Don't Bishopricks suffer from ‘nauseating tosh’ and ‘national flimflam’ 
Are they any better than ‘philanderers’ with a record of abuse, marriage break-ups etc?
He does sound like he's in the wrong job, doesn't his church have an interest in weddings etc?
Whats the betting that he's going to last seven years? Let he who is without blah blah . . .

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